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New Sangen products available in Qstock 2016

Sangen starts a large scale cooperation with one of the biggest music festivals in Finland, Qstock festival. New Sangen flavors will be served for the festival visitors on July 29th- 30th 2016. Partnership brings also important channels to international markets in future.

More: http://www.marmai.fi/uutiset/qstockfestivaali+yhteistyohon+pikkupanimon+kanssa/a2328468

Sangen investigating the possibilities of Tornio’s historically remarkable brewery

Sangen Oy and Arctic Property Oy are together investigating the possibilities to reuse former Lapin Kulta brewery in Tornio. The aim is to bring the beverage production back to Lapland within the next few years.

More: http://yle.fi/uutiset/lapin_kullan_tornion_panimoa_heratellaan_henkiin/8402492


What is Sangen?

Plenty of people have asked us about Sangen and we are undeniably glad of the attention! Due to well-known Finnish laws on alcoholic beverages and their marketing our communication and visibility regarding our future products is somewhat limited. However, we want to share some of our future with you here!

Sangen is a new kind of concept for production and design of drinks, essentially build using pure Finnish ingredients. Our core business is an experimental state-of-the-art drink laboratory, including our very own brewery and distillery. We want to introduce new Finnish flavors to our drinks.

Our experience throughout the value chain of beverages, including Finnish raw materials, malting and brewing processes, yeast development and water services will be used to provide services to other small breweries and distilleries. Use of Finnish ingredients will bring new businesses to farmers, berry pickers, and other related entrepreneurs. Sangen services will bring the possibility for sustainable business for our customers.

Our long-term goal is to launch one of our product highlights, the first high quality Sangen whiskey to the international markets. This plan will realize within the next 6 years.

Sangen combines ancient heritage to modern sense of taste to bring our customers a full flavor experience

The Sangen team wants to smell the new trends and develop modern products. At the same time we will benefice Finnish ancient heritage on plants and herbs. It is not a long time since the Finnish noble men collected crops from crofts, refining them further to beer. This concept could be transformed to our modern society to bring new business opportunities for farmers and guarantee that our beverages will be made of the finest and most flavor rich Finnish ingredients. For this purpose we are launching a hops cultivation project for which the first cuttings are prepared already this autumn.

The first shareholders’ and board meetings of Sangen were held in Oulu in September 2015. The negotiations with first large-scale customers have been initiated. More exciting news coming later!

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