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Sangen – The Sound of Superior Taste

Sangen Oy was founded in 2015 as Finland’s first independent spirit laboratory. The company’s operations are based in Oulu. Sangen vision is to be the natural choice of new drinks and taste experiences for people who enjoy the natural taste of life offered by pure Northern ingredients. We provide alcoholic products through the strong Sangen quality and reputation, flavoring our high quality products with a pinch of fresh, trendy and delightful ideas that are often inspired by the traditional recipes of Scandinavian ancestors.


Sangen Laboratory – The Science of Spirits

We are open minded for any size of ideas and companies.  We are able to assist you whether you are striving a large scale brewery or have just decided to invest in your very first own small scale distillery. Sangen Laboratory, established in 2015 in Oulu, Finland, provides the highest standard of laboratory services, including preparation of yeast cultures, enzymes and extracts for the brewers and distilleries.

Our Sangen Laboratory, led by founders Dr. Sanna Taskila, Mikko Ahokas, Jaakko Pellinen and Veli-Matti Mathlin, share altogether over 60 years of experience in bioprocesses, microbiology, biology, chemistry, distillation technologies and water management.  This extensive experience is used to provide our customers with knowledge on the fundamentals of water, hops, malts, herbs, yeasts, distillation, fermentation, microbiology and brewing technology.  It is in our best interest to provide first hand customer support. Our key goal is to succeed in producing quality and understanding the science behind the craft and distillate.

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Sangen brewery produces various products that are developed and qualified in our own state-of-the-art laboratory. Our aim is also to be a beneficial business partner for any size of breweries by providing laboratory services, obtaining ingredients and developing products and brands in cooperation. Rapid and effective product creation process is enabled by our agile development.

Sangen’s first own selection of beers and ciders will be published before summer 2016.

Design your own brew!

We can help you to produce prototype products, such as beers and ciders, for larger scale beverage production. In case you need assistance in the process design we offer you a proper selection of yeast strain, enzymes, malt, hops and other key materials – anything that you need for building your own beer portfolio. Our quality system will be used to document the key flavors and ingredients at optimal concentrations. After finalizing the product prototype we can use our own brewery or, in case of large volumes, proceed with our high quality production chain to product the beverages of your needs. The service is complemented with the design of labels for the final products.

With Sangen you will find that the brewing is a fascinating creation process!


Whiskey is only as good as the ingredients are. That is why we only use carefully chosen crops and herbs grown in Finland and water as pure as the fountains of Lapland. The finest distillation, Finnish oak micro barrels and optimal aging environments produce an effect that gives our whiskey a special taste. You will taste the sound of Sangen.


Sangen is founded by 13 professionals from different fields of expertise. Together we are a strong and innovative team. Go and check our profiles in LinkedIn:

Mikko Ahokas
Chairman of The Board
Mobile: +358 40 502 5249
E-mail: mikko.ahokas@sangen.fi 

Outi Forstén
Sales and Promotion
Mobile: +358 40 567 6730
E-mail: outi.forsten@sangen.fi

Sami Heikkilä
E-mail: sami.heikkila@sangen.fi

Antti-Pekka Keränen
E-mail: antti-pekka.keranen@sangen.fi

Veli Mathlin
Mobile: +358 44 9832545
E-mail: veli.mathlin@sangen.fi

Pekka Nevalainen
Service Development, Logistics
E-mail: pekka.nevalainen@sangen.fi

Jaakko Pellinen
Laboratory, Product Development
Mobile: +358 50 591 6109
Email: jaakko.pellinen@sangen.fi

Erja Retzén
Mobile: +358 50 324 1549

Pekka Sarlund
E-mail: pekka.sarlund@sangen.fi

Sanna Taskila
Laboratory, Research and Development
Mobile: +358 400 871 294
E-mail: sanna.taskila@sangen.fi

Jami Teirikari
Marketing and Communications
Mobile: +358 40 903 0645
E-mail: jami.teirikari@sangen.fi

Ville Törmänen
Business Development
E-mail: ville.tormanen@sangen.fi



Sangen Oy:n hallitus kutsuu varsinaisen yhtiökokouksen koolle.

Kokouksessa käsitellään varsinaiselle yhtiökokoukselle osakeyhtiölain ja yhtiöjärjestyksen nojalla kuuluvat asiat, sekä yhtiöjärjestyksen muuttamista siten, että jatkossa yhtiökokouskutsuja ei lähetetä, vaan kokouskutsu julkaistaan yhtiön verkkosivuilla sekä paikallisesti julkaistavassa sanomalehdessä.

Varsinainen yhtiökokous pidetään 30.6.2017 kello 10 Oulun yliopiston salissa L5 (Pentti Kaiteran katu 1, Linnanmaa, Oulu). Kokoukseen osallistuvia osakkeenomistajia pyydetään saapumaan paikalle hyvissä ajoin ennen kokouksen alkua rekisteröitymistä varten.

Yhtiökokoukseen liittyvät asiakirjat PDF-muodossa:

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Address: Kaitoväylä 1 F 2, FI-90570 Oulu, Finland


Mikko Ahokas
Chairman of the Board
Mobile: +358 40 502 5249
E-mail: mikko.ahokas@sangen.fi

Outi Forstén
Myynti ja PR
Mobile: +358 40 567 6730
E-mail: outi.forsten@sangen.fi

Kaj Kostiander
Head of Factory
Mobile: +358 400419 902
E-mail: kaj.kostiander@tornionpanimo.fi